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The resource manager handle the declaration and loading of game assets into the engine.

These assets include :

  • 3D models (Ogre .mesh files)
  • Material for 3D models (in any format used by ogre, JSON or .material)
  • Texture image files
  • Audio files
  • ChaiScript files for gameplay scripting

Resource location

A Resource location represent where the resources will be fetched. You can register two kinds of locations with Annwvyn

  • Simple directories readable by your game executable
  • Zip files readable by your game executable

An Ogre “Resource.cfg” file can also be loaded for this

Once the resource locations are declared, resources needs to be initialized by calling “initReources()” on the manager.

Optionally, you can specify the name of a “Resource Group”, this permit you to then preload the resources into the engine by calling “loadGroup(name)”.