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AnnLevelManager is one of Annwvyn core SubSystems.

The level manager is a component that permit you to define, load, and unload virtual environments from the engine, and with the relevant gameplay code that comes with it.

The Level Manager Manipulate AnnLevel objects. You can easily create a class that derives from AnnLevel. You need to register your level objects to the level manger before being able to

Adding levels

To add a level to the manager, you need first to subclass AnnLevel, and overload the different methods you need to construct your environment and run your gameplay.

Once this class is defined, you need to give it to the level manager this way :


XML files

Annwvyn can load level environment defined as .xml files. This is a feature that was implemented for the development of a level editor.

The development of the level editor is currently on hold as I have more important things to work on right now on the inner working of the engine.

Special level types

The “level” system, as in other game engine, can be used for “non level” context, like start menus, startup screens and so on.


The “splash” level is designed for splash-screens. This is for displaying logos and other thing at the start of a program. They just map a texture into a huge “curved screen” in front of the player. They can automatically chain to another level object after a timeout, and play an audio file along.