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The AnnPlayer class represent the player's body in the virtual world. Manipulating the player permit you to change the point of view of the user.

Player's physics

The player is represented by a capuse rigidbody that stand upright. This capsule serve as a representation for a standing human. Asuming AnnEngine::InitPlayerPhysics() has been called, and the player's ignorePhysics member is false, what happen to the player's rigidbody will controll the origin of the VR eye-camera rig.

Put more symply, if the physics are initialized, the point of view will follow the player's rigidbody.

the way the physics is applied is determined by a callback to a AnnPlayerActuator object. This permit you to change the Player's physics refresh code by your own.

The player handle it's Orientation, Translation. It can take as input Mouse and Joystick value form an AnnEventListener.

A 4 bool walking array. The 4 index are given by the walkDirection enum. If waling[forward] is true, the player will wall forward at full walk speed. This is usefull for digital (= keyboard) controll of the player.

The float analog{walk, straff, rotate} are intended for joystick input. The player will use it's “getAnalogTranslation” to get a displacement vector from analogWalk/analogStraff.