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AnnConsole is the class that represent the debugging console of the engine. You can think of this console in the same way the ones in PC games since Quake tend to have, that you open with the '~' or '`' on your keyboard ('²' on French AZERTY)

There isn't much you can interact with this component by code, except toggling it's visibility (toggle()/setVisible(bool visibility)), adding text directly to the console buffer by using append(std::string) (if you want to actually log text, you should use AnnDebug. It will also be displayed on the console). You can clear the console buffer by calling it's bufferClear() method.

However, this object is interesting because when displayed, it let you interact with the engine via the scripting interface provided by AnnScriptManager.

Since you have control on the event handling by defining your own eventListener, you can make this console non-accessible if you so desire…