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 ====== AnnResourceManager ====== ====== AnnResourceManager ======
 +The resource manager handle the declaration and loading of game assets into the engine.
 +These assets include : 
 +  * 3D models (Ogre .mesh files)
 +  * Material for 3D models (in any format used by ogre, JSON or .material)
 +  * Texture image files
 +  * Audio files
 +  * ChaiScript files for gameplay scripting
 +===== Resource location =====
 +A //Resource location// represent where the resources will be fetched. You can register two kinds of locations with Annwvyn
 +  * Simple directories readable by your game executable
 +  * Zip files readable by your game executable
 +An Ogre "​Resource.cfg"​ file can also be loaded for this
 +Once the resource locations are declared, resources needs to be initialized by calling "​initReources()"​ on the manager.
 +Optionally, you can specify the name of a "​Resource Group",​ this permit you to then preload the resources into the engine by calling "​loadGroup(name)"​.