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An AnnOgreVRRenderer object is one of the main constituents of the engine. It is created and owned by the AnnEngine object.

This class is responsible with initializing both Ogre, and any specific utilities for the selected VR system.

This class has numerous pure virtual methods that needs to be implemented by child classes.

Annwvyn ships with 3 different AnnOgreVRRenderer implementations. Only one can be used. They can be set by command line parameters on any game using Annwvyn :

  • AnnOgreNoVRRenderer : A partial implementation of the renderer that report a fake VR headset that represent a person in the middle of a room, standing. Usefull for running the engine without having VR Hardware.
  • AnnOgreOuclusRenderer : An implementation of the Annwvyn renderer for OVR (Oculus Virutal Reality) compatible headset. This currently only include the Oculus Rift DK2 (DevKit 2) and Oculus Rift CV1 (Consumer Version 1. “the Rift”)
  • AnnOgreOpenVRRenderer : An implementation of the Annwvyn renderer for OpenVR, the library for communicating with the SteamVR runtime. This mainly concern the HTC-Vive headset, but SteamVR/OpenVR is an open standard from VALVe, and many more headset are potentially compatible. (The Oculus Rift works with OpenVR too)