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Engine SDK Installation

Here we will detail how to install the engine on your system to start creating VR applications with the Annwvyn library.

What is the Annwvyn SDK ?

The Annwvyn SDK is a package containing the Annwvyn source distribution, with compiled binaries of the last available release as a Git tree you can pull to update and rebuild the engien. It also includes all the free re-distributable libraries you need to use Annwvyn.

The SDK is packaged as an installer file, compiled with the Free software InnoSetup.

The Annwvyn sub-folder is the Annwvyn Engine source code.

If you want more information on the source package, please check out the source article.

TL;DR Get started quickly

  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2017, Git for Windows, and CMake
  2. If not done already, install your VR hardware and software (Oculus, Vive…)
  3. Download the Annwvyn SDK from here :
  4. Run the setup program
  5. To create a new Annwvyn project, just copy-paste the “template” directory of <AnnwvynSDK>/Annwvyn/ to where-ever you want, run CMake to generate Visual Studio solutions.

The content creation pipeline is quite rough as of now. I'm working on loading glTF files into the Ogre rendering enigine Annwvyn uses. But this is WIP.

  1. For 3D assets creation, you'need want Blender, get it there :
  2. For exporting from Blender to the .mesh format, get the “Ogre Command-line Tools (1.7.2)” from this page : and stick them into your C:\ drive, then add to blender the export script located in <AnnwvynSDK>/Annwvyn/Utils


Before installing the engine SDK, you should install Visual Studio 2017 first. This will be our development platform. The community version is freely available here: Visual Studio Download page

During the installation, please check the installation of the “Native C++” package.

I also encourage you to use a source control version software, like Git

  • You'll need the Oculus runtime if you're using a Rift, get it here
  • You'll need SteamVR on Steam if you're using a Vive, get Steam here (need to create an account. You'll probably already own one, you PC gamer. ;-))

Good knowledge of modern C++ and an understanding of VR systems is also recommended before starting to dive in! :-)

Automated installation

The simpler way to get Annwvyn up and running is to install the SDK package.

Get the install package

You can download the SDK package from the “download” page of, or just follow this link :

Install it

This is a standard Windows installer. By default install the SDK in C:\YbalridSoftware\AnnwvynSDK64\. You can change this to anywhere you want in your system.

Manual installation via the GitHub repository

Get the dependency package

The dependency package contains everything you need to build the engine (it's the exact content of the packaged SDK, minus the Annwvyn source directory. You can download a zipped archive from the download page)

Configure the environment

You need to run the batch file “RUNME.bat” to configure an environment variable that the MSVC configurations will depend on.

Clone the repository

Navigate to the directory where you have unzipped the archive in Git bash, and run the following command

git clone --recursive

This will clone the source repository, and it's submodules (e.g. pluginTemplate) on your system. But it will not contain the needed binaries. to run the template and test applications

Build the engine via Visual Studio

Use CMake to generate a visual studio solution into the “build” directory on the source installation. Open Annwvyn.sln. Make sure that you're set on “Release/x64” on top on the VS window, and then hit Ctrl+Shift + B to build the entire thing.

If it's done sucessfully, you can navigate to the /Annwvyn/example directory, and do the same. (CMake, open .sln, build) Then, please run the /Annwvyn/example/getLibs.bat script to copy all the .dlls needed to the correct location.

Once you're done with that, you can try to launch the AnnwvynSamples.exe program in /Annwvyn/example/build. If you don't have a VR system setup, please use the “novr_launcher.bat” script to open it in a debug mode where the game only runs in a standard window, without head-tracking.

If you have a rift or vive setup, go along and open the right launcher script ;-).

Theses launchers are only there to easily pass the right command line arguments to the game. The Annwvyn/template directory contains a “Game.sln” solution and a similar “getLibs” script you should launch once.

And now, what do I do?

If you have installed Annwvyn, I recommend you to check out the quickstart guide or the engine tour to understand how things works ;-)