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Annwvyn1) is a simple C++ game engine and application developement framework designed to easily create applications using consumer-grade VR systems.

This wiki serves as documentation for the library. News, releases and presentation of the project can be found on the main website.

Annwvyn is written and usable in C++, and is based on multiple free software libraries. It uses the native APIs and SDKs for different VR platform (Oculus Rift, SteamVR with HTC-Vive…)

Under the hood, Annwvyn uses:

  • OVR the Oculus Virtual Reality API
  • OpenVR the Open Virtual Reality library from Valve, powering the HTC Vive, among other hardware
  • Ogre 3D The Object-Oriented Graphical Rendering Engine, a Free/Open-Source 3D graphics library, in version 2.1
  • Ogre_glTF My own GLTF loader plugin for Ogre 2.1
  • Bullet Physics A physics simulation and collision detection library
  • OpenAL-soft a Free implementation of the Open Audio Library originally developed by Creative Labs.
  • libsndfile Lib Sound File, a free sound file decoding/encoding library that support many format (but not the copyrighted MP3)
  • ChaiScript A super cool scripting language in C++ for C++
  • GLFW GL FrameWork, a library to help develop OpenGL application. Used for window and OpenGL context creation after Annwvyn 0.3.X using Ogre 2.1
  • BtOgre21, my personal fork of BtOgre, adapted for Ogre 2.1. presentation of the original one here
  • JSON for modern C++, A great Json library for “modern” C++
  • Catch A C++ Unit test Framework

If you want to start now you can use this tutorial

This is the name of the other world for some celts. It's a bit more complicated, check this, and this blog article of mine